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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Blog Worth Sharing

It's nice to run across things you haven't seen before. This morning, I got curious about Argentine cuisine after being talked into going to an Argentine steakhouse in the East Village by some of my wife's friends (actually, they talked her into it, which made talking me into it a foregone conclusion.) I started looking around for some light reading on the subject and found the Idle Words blog, which has a rawther funny piece on dining in Argentina ("Argentina on Two Steaks a Day," ) and then I ran across, from , Idle Words, the aptly named Mimi Smartypants, one of whose posts was especially entertaining: "It Is Tons of Fun to Anger Our Children."

An excerpt of a discussion she has with her Child:

Nora was monologuing/pretending out loud while she drew various fantasy creatures at her art table, and although I was mostly tuned out I heard her say something about the DEATH BRINGER.

Me: The DEATH BRINGER? Who’s that?

Nora: A monster. He BRINGS DEATH.

Me: Usually he brings death. But this time he brought his homemade potato salad!

Nora: NO! He brings DEATH!

Me: He brought the DVDs he borrowed last time!

Nora: He brings DEATH.

Me: He brought flowers from his garden!

Nora: Will you stop? The DEATH BRINGER brings only DEATH.

Me: I’m going to call him real quick and see if he’ll bring dessert instead. We’ve got plenty of death.

Nora: [decides to just ignore me]

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