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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The World's Funniest Joke.

You can stop looking.

Many years ago an intrepid group of anthropologists set out to examine the cold weather survival practices of the Inuit people, believing that their traditional ice and snow shelters must surely be inefficient. To determine whether this was true they took the temperature of Inuit who had passed a harsh night either in an igloo, in the body cavity of a traditionally hunted and killed member of the cetacean family known as Phocenidae or Porpoises, or in a stretched-fabric modern temporary shelter held rigid by poles of aluminum.
Two of the scientists met to compare results.
"Observe," the first said. "The Inuit who sheltered in the ice shelters actually showed a lower drop in mean body temperature than those who used the body cavity and residual warmth of recently killed mammalian cetaceans, as well as those in the stretched fabric shelters we provided."
"Sheer bosh!" exclaimed the other. "Do you mean to tell me it is always true that any shelter is worse, in the midst of a harsh Arctic night, than one made of ice and snow?"
The other retorted, "My dear colleague, I do not know if it is true for all, under all circumstances, for our study did not evaluate all options. We can, and indeed should conclude, however, that it IS true . . . for all in tents and porpoises."

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