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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Short Subjects Part VII: S=k x logW

Dramatis Personae: Myself, Oldest Heir

Scene: Walk to school one semi-brisk October morning

OH: . . .So, anyway, I think the way this could work is --theoretically, anyway --you replace each neuron in the brain one at a time with an artificial one.  That way you don't interrupt the continuity of consciousness and you eventually get consciousness in a completely artificial brain.

M: That's an interesting thought experiment.  What about the body?

OH:  Same basic strategy.

M: What about metabolism?

OH:  What about it?

M: Well, I mean --you'd need some sort of energy intake.  You know, an external source of energy.

OH:  Yeah.  I mean, look, what I'm going for here is really total self-sufficiency and physical immortality, OK?

M:  Uh, doesn't the law of entropy forbid that?

OH:  What?

M:  Entropy.  No closed system is a hundred per cent efficient, kinda thing?  So you need some external energy source.  Chemical, nuclear, whatever.


OH:  OK, you know what I'm hearing?  Quitter talk, that's what I'm hearing.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Film: What I Like About You

. . . You really know how to handle a wide dynamic range image especially if shooting in B&W (with apologies to the Romantics.)

Spotted on a photo forum:

" 'However, for dynamic range, film wins hands down. It is almost shocking to slave over digital raw photos on the computer for hours (or weeks, or months), trying to rescue highlights, then shoot a roll of film. It's like, "You mean, it's that easy?' "

I mean, yeah, film.