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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Short Subjects, Pt. III: Becoming a Vegetarian

Dramatis personae: Concerned Parent, Second Male Offspring

Scene: Three PM, meeting the schoolbus.

CP: Hi Sam! How was school?

(pregnant silence)

CP: Ummm. . . Sam, how was school?

SMP: (angrily) Daddy, I am NEVER eating a HAMBURGER again.

CP: Uh, now Sam, why . . .

SMP: Daddy, they KILL COWS to make hamburgers.

CP: Wow. Well, yes, uh, Sam, that's true. . .


CP: So Sam, does, uh, does that mean you're going to be a vegetarian? Because, I mean, that would be fine, if you actually, you know, ate vegetables. . .

SMP: Daddy, they kill a cow to make hamburgers. A SWEET, SWEET COW.

After which, really, there is nothing left to say.

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